Why Early Orthodontic Treatment is Essential for Your Little One’s Healthy Smile

Why Early Orthodontic Treatment is Essential for Your Little One’s Healthy Smile

If you’re worried about the positioning of your child’s adult teeth, there’s no need to wait until they are older to consider orthodontic treatment and kids braces. In fact, early intervention is recommended by all leading orthodontists! Here’s some insight from our team at Orthodontic Specialists of Melbourne. We’re also one of the few orthodontists that offer a free consultation for braces in Dandenong.

#1 – It’s more affordable

We understand that kids braces and orthodontic treatment is not inexpensive and that it can be difficult to get coverage through your health insurance. However, like most health issues, orthodontic problems get worse – and therefore more expensive to treat – over time. What may be a fairly simple process on a young child can become much more expensive by the time that they are teens or adults. In addition, some orthodontic problems can lead to other dental problems that will require additional treatment, further increasing costs. To make early treatment more accessible to families, we do also offer a free consultation for braces in Dandenong at our clinic.

#2 – It’s faster

Orthodontic treatment is not a quick fix, but treatments will be easier and faster to complete at a younger age. This is for two reasons. Firstly, young children are still growing quickly and changing as they grow, so their jaws, teeth and mouths can be moulded more easily than when they are full-grown teens or adults. Secondly, their condition will not have progressed as far as it would if it’s left untreated, making it simpler to correct in a shorter treatment window. And we can all agree that spending less time wearing braces or other corrective orthodontics, the better!

#3 – It’s simpler

Not all consultations end in kids braces and other expensive orthodontic treatments! In fact, orthodontists can predict tooth growth and movement, especially in young children, helping to shape adult tooth development and position through simple procedures that mean you may be able to completely avoid more expensive treatments later on. For example, removing certain baby teeth or impacted teeth can create room for adult teeth to emerge smoothly in the correct position, or a palatal expander can be used to make sure there’s all the room your child’s teeth need to properly emerge. This means there would be no need to have to spend time and money moving stubborn adult teeth at a later stage.

Get a Free Consultation for Braces in Dandenong from Orthodontic Specialists of Melbourne!

At Orthodontic Specialists of Melbourne, our focus is on the health and happiness of your child, which is why we offer a free consultation for braces in Dandenong. Bring your child along to visit us, and we’ll evaluate their tooth development and suggest any necessary treatments that will help ensure they have a smile to be proud of. Book a consultation at Orthodontic Specialists of Melbourne today, for affordable family orthodontic treatments.

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