Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces

What are they and are you suitable?

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, there are lots of different options. While, traditional metal brackets and wires are still available, there are more discreet options available. Clear aligners, such as Invisalign, are great for some people but may not suit others and may not be suitable for all treatments. CERAMIC BRACES are great in these instances.

Ceramic braces work like regular metal braces. Brackets are bonded to the front of each tooth, and modules surrounding the brackets hold the arch wire in place. It is the wire that gradually moves the teeth into alignment.

Ceramic braces, however, use brackets made of clear or tooth coloured ceramic which blends beautifully with the colour of your tooth. The elastic ligatures, or modules, can be chosen to match the brackets or your enamel.

If you want a less obvious appliance for professional or personal reasons, talk to us about ceramic braces. We will go through all the factors and help you decide what is best for you:

  • Ceramic brackets are very strong. Sometimes depending on your bite, they may damage the opposing teeth. Hence we will need to make sure that you do not bite on the brackets. We take special care to make sure no damage occurs to your teeth.
  • Oral hygiene can a more difficult with ceramic braces. Although the brackets we use aren’t as prone to staining, you still need to be careful to brush away the plaque that can accumulate around the brackets. And the bands are susceptible to staining by the usual suspects—coffee, tea, or any strongly coloured foods or drinks.

Ceramic braces, because they are so much less visible, are a popular orthodontic option, especially for self-conscious teenagers and adults. If you are interested, talk to us about this discrete and effective way to straighten your teeth.

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