#5 Bad Habits That Affect Tooth Health

#5 Bad Habits That Affect Tooth Health

Crooked teeth don’t just affect your smile and your confidence; they affect the health of your mouth itself. If you want to avoid damaging your teeth and then having to get braces or clear aligners such as Invisalign, then these are the bad habits you need to give up. And if you’re wondering where to get braces in Dandenong, just pop in to visit our clinic for a free consultation!

#1 – Brushing too hard

Every day, you should brush your teeth morning and night for around 2 minutes. But they should be brushed gently, not scrubbed! Using a hard bristle toothbrush or brushing too hard not only damages the protective tooth enamel over time but also hurts the gums, causing them to permanently recede and expose the root of the tooth. This makes it easier to get gum disease, tooth decay, makes teeth more sensitive and doesn’t look great either.

#2 – Chewing ice cubes

Your tooth enamel is strong, but it’s not that strong. When chewing something hard like ice, your teeth can chip or even shatter, and it’s also common to dislodge braces and damage fillings. Instead, use an eco-straw, crushed ice, or no ice at all to remove this temptation – your teeth will thank you.

#3 – Using your teeth as tools

Teeth are designed for eating food, not cutting through packaging, holding additional items when your hands are full, or breaking anything open. They may be a convenient option, but they just aren’t strong or sharp enough for the job, and you’ll end up cracking your teeth, hurting your jaw, and sitting in the emergency room waiting for treatment, which is no fun at all.

#4 – Not drinking enough water

Our bodies love pure, freshwater, but we often substitute this with tea, coffee, alcohol, and soft drinks. While these still contain water, the chemicals and sugar in these beverages do more harm than good. Clean water washes away food particles, bacteria, and acids that damage the surface of our teeth and cause bad breath. It also keeps your gums healthy and supports the healthy bacteria in your mouth. Try to get around 1.5 litres of water each day, especially if it’s hot out.

#5 – Avoiding the orthodontist and dentist

Many people have fears or discomfort about certain medical check-ups, but we can assure you that avoiding them leads to something much worse! Crooked teeth, poor bite position, and poor oral health can easily lead to pain while eating, gum and heart disease, halitosis, and difficulty eating and speaking. A simple check-up will help treat any issues early on, including those that need braces or clear aligners such as Invisalign, making it much more comfortable and affordable to keep your smile looking great!

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