What is a diastema?

What is a diastema?

A diastema is a gap between your teeth. Although, in general gaps between teeth do not cause major harm, they can cause some people to be shy or not smile if the gaps are near the front of the mouth.

What causes diastema or gaps?
Crowding or gaps between the teeth is caused by a mismatch between the number and size of the teeth present compared to the size of the jaw bone. If the jaw bone is too big or the teeth are too small, this can result in gaps between the teeth.

Some bad habits, such as sucking your thumb, or placing things between your teeth can also cause a diastema.

With age, or with gum disease, the bone around the teeth can become weak and soft. This causes the teeth to become loose to come forward, which may lead to gaps between the teeth.

However, in many cases children may have gaps between their baby teeth. The gaps usually disappear once the adult teeth come through. It can actually be a good thing if a child has gaps between their baby teeth!!! It can mean less chance of crowding when the adult teeth come through.

I have gapped teeth, so what?
The gaps themselves aren’t a problem if you are not concerned by it. However, sometimes, food can get caught in the gaps and be difficult to remove.

I have gaps and I want to fix it!!!
Well, you have come to the right place. We will do a complete assessment and let you know your options. Depending on the cause of the gaps, we can suggest the best treatment for you. Usually, using braces or clear aligners, we can bring the teeth together and close the gaps. If the teeth are small, the teeth can be built up with a filling or a veneer. If you are missing a tooth, we can help arrange a fake tooth to replace it and close the gap.

Clear aligners in particular are very good at closing gaps between teeth. The clear aligners are also not as obvious as braces and therefore, may be more suitable for someone who doesn’t want others to know they are getting orthodontic treatment.

Book a consultation with us to discuss the options at our friendly orthodontic clinics in Frankston or Dandenong.

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