What Happens at Your First Orthodontic Appointment?

What Happens at Your First Orthodontic Appointment?

Feeling nervous about your first orthodontic appointment? Or do you just like being prepared? In this article, we’re chatting all about what you can expect from your first consultation, so you can walk into our welcoming orthodontic clinic with confidence!

Getting to Know You

First, our team will get all your basic contact details to make sure you’re logged in to our system. Then, we’ll chat with you about your past dental and medical history, any health conditions you may have, and your concerns about your teeth, and what you’d like to achieve through orthodontic treatment. This is an important process because we get to learn about you, learn how to manage your treatment and customise it to your needs, and generally make sure your health and results come first. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at this stage!

An In-Depth Examination

Now, we need to understand what’s going on with your teeth. This means taking images, including x-rays, to map out your teeth and check on the condition of your teeth, as well as check on tooth development and wisdom teeth (if they’re present).

There will also be a physical examination performed by the orthodontist to check things like jaw function, your bite (how your teeth come together to chew, talk, etc.), the health of your gum tissue, and look for any oral health issues that should be treated before orthodontic treatment should begin.

This is quite a detailed process because every patient is different, and the best orthodontic care means creating a customised treatment plan for each patient.

A Detailed Discussion

After your teeth have been examined, the x-rays are viewed, you’ll have a consultation with the orthodontist to discuss the results.In this conversation, you’ll be taken through the findings as well as your x-rays. We will then go through all the different treatment options, and make any recommendations that will work well for you. This is a two way discussion where your concerns are equally important and this allows for the best plan to be customised for you.

Treatment Begins!

If you decide to go ahead with your orthodontic treatment, we’ll schedule you for your first appointment.

If you choose to have braces, they will be fitted during the first treatment appointment. We will walk you through what to expect from the fitting process and will help make sure it is as comfortable and quick as possible.

If you are getting aligners, we will scan your teeth and plan out your treatment virtually. Once everyone is happy with the plan, and your unique aligners are custom made,your first treatment appointment will be scheduled to give you your aligners.

In all cases, your orthodontic team will be there to help you get the most out of this process, from giving you lots of advice on how to care for your teeth and your new orthodontics, as well as how to keep living life to the fullest while you’re having treatment!

If you’d like to book an appointment with a local orthodontist, contact our clinic today. With a welcoming atmosphere and two convenient locations, we’re proud to bring adults, teens, and children the latest in state-of-the-art orthodontic care!

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