What happens at an Orthodontic Consultation?

What happens at an Orthodontic Consultation?

An orthodontic consultation is completely different to a dental check-up. While a dentist may be looking for holes in your teeth, gum problems or broken fillings, an orthodontist is not looking for just these things. They are also looking at the straightness of your teeth and the bite relationship of your top teeth in comparison to your bottom teeth. They are also looking at your overall facial structure and where the jaws and teeth sit in relation to the rest of the face.

1. Detailed history and discussion
Your consultation begins with a discussion of your concerns and what you hope you achieve with your orthodontic treatment. Any relevant history, such as trauma or previous dental treatment is also discussed so that we can cater the treatment options to your individual needs.

2. Comprehensive Orthodontic Examination
Your overall face, facial profile, smile, and teeth will be thoroughly examined. This includes all the muscles of the face, including the lips and how they work during your smile. How much gum is shown when resting as well as when smiling will also be checked. Then your teeth and bite will be analysed. The alignment of the top teeth and the bottom teeth as well as how they meet (the bite) will be scrutinised.

3. Intra and extra oral photos
Photos allow the orthodontist to analyse the exact plan for how to fix your teeth and bite after the consultation and before beginning the treatment. They are also good to take home and see what your teeth look like after the consultation.

4. Analysis of x-rays
Orthodontists usually need two x-rays to be able to give you a thorough comprehensive plan. One is called an Orthopantomogram (OPG) and shows all the teeth and bones of the upper and lower jaw. The other is called a Lateral Cephalogram, (LatCeph) and this shows the entire head and neck area and shows any skeletal problems associated with the jaw.

5. Presentation of treatment options
After taking all of the above into consideration, you will be presented with your customised individual treatment options. The pros and cons of each option will be thoroughly discussed and all your questions will be answered. A quote will also be given and various payment options will also be presented.

6. Comprehensive Report
We understand that often there is a lot to take in during the consultation. Which is why we write up a report of everything for you to take home. We also send a report to your general dentist so that they can help us take care of you during your orthodontic treatment.

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