How to Prepare Your Child for Braces or Clear aligners

How to Prepare Your Child for Braces or Clear aligners

The best time in life to get braces or Clear aligners (eg. Invisalign) is in your teenage years, which means there are a lot of parents out there who are ready to send their child to the orthodontist! But for these treatments to really work, your child has to understand why they’re getting this treatment, what it will involve, and all the rules they need to follow to make sure they get that perfect smile. Here are some tips.

1. Learn together

This is a journey for you as a parent as well as your child, so it’s a good idea to research braces and Clear aligners(Invisalign) together. Even if you had orthodontic treatment yourself, things may have changed since then and it’s good to be up to date on different treatments and processes. This will help you and your family to get to grips with what’s expected and get onboard with the treatment process.

2. Address feelings of self-consciousness

Being a teenager can be very tough, and it’s a time in life where we feel things very intensely, so it’s natural for them to feel worried about how they’ll look or how their peers will react. First, chat to your orthodontist about whether clear braces or plates and expanders can work for your child, as these are less aesthetically intrusive options. Then talk about how many teens are going through the same thing! If they consider their friends and classmates, there will be loads of other teens having orthodontic treatment, so they’re not alone – and there are plenty of celebrities too!

3. Stock up on all the right foods

Having braces means that your child’s mouth is going to feel uncomfortable after the braces are fitted and after each adjustment. It also means that there are lots of foods they can’t eat until the braces are removed. Your orthodontist will give you a list, but the general rule is nothing too crunchy, hard, chewy, or sticky. Keep plenty of braces-friendly foods like soft fruits, yogurt, soups, smoothies, ice cream, and other goodies so you can follow a braces-friendly diet easily. Even if your child is wearingClear aligners(Invisalign)so they can remove the aligners for mealtimes, it’s good to have softer foods on hand as their teeth will still feel sensitive.

4. Remember the goal

It’s good to keep focussed on the goal of why your child is going through orthodontic treatment. At the end of the day, having a perfect, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime is going to be worth all the discomfort and inconvenience. You can also set smaller goals through the treatment period that come with little rewards like extra screen time, movie nights with friends, or their favourite takeaway. Once they’ve successfully completed their orthodontic treatment, you can plan a bigger reward like a holiday, smartphone, teeth whitening, or something else that they’ve always wanted!

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