Three things that cause delay in your orthodontic treatment

Three things that cause delay in your orthodontic treatment

If you are thinking about getting braces to straighten your teeth, or already have braces, it is likely that you want to get that perfect smile as soon as possible. Unfortunately, teeth are quite slow to move and our orthodontists do everything in their power to do the best job for you, as quickly as possible. However, there are few things which you avoid doing to prevent any unwanted delays.

  1. Breaking the braces
  2. Eating hard foods, biting on fingernails or pencils and not wearing a mouth guard when playing contact sports can cause the braces of come off the tooth. It can also distort or break the wire. These result in the teeth going in the wrong direction and require extra appointments to fix, resulting in increased treatment time.
  3. Not following instructions
  4. Often, you will be required to follow some simple instructions. These may include wearing a plate or aligners at all times or using elastic bands or chewies. A plate can’t do its job if it is left in the case. Elastics only work if they are worn. Follow the orthodontist’s instructions to achieve that amazing smile as quickly as possible.
  5. Skipping appointments
  6. Regular orthodontic appointments are needed so that we can ensure your teeth are moving as planned. If you skip or postpone your appointments, we won’t be able to see if everything is happening properly or fix anything that may be broken.

Avoiding these three simple things will help you achieve the smile you want as quickly as possible.

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